Incoming Exchange & Visiting International Students

Incoming Exchange & Visiting Students

The College of Management, Mahidol University offers the opportunity to international postgraduate students from our partner and non-partner universities to spend their semester with us. If you are thinking of your study destination for a semester abroad, CMMU would be the remarkable choice for you. In addition to the location of downtown, Bangkok, we offer innovative international programs in management and create a learner-centered environment that helps students to learn how to apply knowledge of best management practices drawn from global and local sources. Our top teaching instructors representing a strong blend of deep industry experience and educational qualifications are eager to share their knowledge and experience with students, and invited CEOs from leading international firms periodically meet and discuss with students. Moreover, CMMU provides modern learning equipment and facilities.

Admission Requirements

You must be currently enrolled at your institution. To apply as an exchange student, your home institution must have a reciprocal Exchange agreement with either CMMU or Mahidol University and be nominated by your home university. You should meet the requirements in your home university for the student exchange program.

If your home institution does not have a reciprocal Exchange agreement with CMMU and Mahidol University, students have to apply as a visiting international student that means a self-financed student. Students should be currently studying in a similar area to the study programs of CMMU.

Both exchange and visiting students must provide recent one of the following evidence of English language proficiency, TOEFL or IELTS, for application. If you have applied for the tests and awaited for the results during the application period, a certification of English language proficiency from your home institution can be used for replacement.

Application Process

To apply to CMMU as exchange students or visiting international students, you have to submit the following documentation to the Online Application system: 

1. Your most recent official transcript from your home institution
2. Certificate of English language proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent
3. Letter of Enrollment at Home University
4. A personal statement explaining why you wish to study at CMMU
5. Curriculum Vitae
6. A photocopy of your passport
7. Photo: Allow only jpg file with size less than 2.0 MB.  

*No. 1 – 6 should be submitted in pdf format.

If you need further information or have questions, please feel free to e-mail your inquiries to

Application Deadlines

  • First Term or Summer: 31 January
  • Second Term or Fall: 31 May
  • Third Term or Spring: 30 September

We will send an acceptance letter and a certification letter for visa application to your home university. Pre-arrival information will be sent to students later.

Course Selection

As full-time students, you can register up to 4 courses or 12 credits per semester. An announcement of courses offered in a semester will be posted on the CMMU Registration website before the pre-registration period of that semesters start, so you can make a change of courses again by the first week of that semester.

Course syllabi of courses are available on request only.

A number of courses for registration depends on the credit transfer requirement of your home institution. Please note that 1 course = 36 hours = 3 Thai credits = approx. 5 ECTS.

Term Dates

  • First Term or Summer: May to August 
  • Second Term or Fall: September to December 
  • Third Term or Spring: January to April 
Academic Calendar is available to download [Here]
In order to help you to settle into Bangkok and CMMU life, especially if you will be studying in Thailand for the first time, we offer a comprehensive program of orientation events that will provide you with valuable information, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet other students.

The orientation program is held at the beginning of each semester for new international students. During the program you will meet new starters from different universities as well as current CMMU students and staff who will be available to help and advise you. The program aims to cover practical details for living in Thailand and studying at CMMU, so that you are ready to begin your studies here with confidence and with many new friends and contacts. We strongly recommend students to attend all activities and events.

CMMU Transcript and Credit Transfer

A transcript of your results will be email to you and your home university after the end of your period of study at CMMU.

Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Exchange students will be exempted from tuition fee payment to CMMU. For visiting international students, you are required to pay course registration at 32,000 Baht per course, and no other fee to be paid. An invoice will be given to students after the registration period ends.

Students will need to access to sufficient funds to cover the cost of living including accommodation, meals, local travel, books, and entertainment. These costs are estimated approximately at USD 4,000 per semester. This calculated living costs can give you an idea of costs associated with day to day life in Bangkok.

The list below is the estimated costs of living in Bangkok per month:

  • Housing: USD200 - 450
  • Electricity and water supply: USD25 - 35
  • Meals: USD200 - 250
  • Transportation: USD25 - 30
  • Books and suppliers: USD200 - 300 /semester
Nevertheless, this estimation may be varied according to personal taste and lifestyle.


CMMU does not have its own on-campus accommodation for international students, but we can suggest a list of private apartments located nearby CMMU and in the city center as well as business center. The rate is approximately 7,000 - 30,000 Baht per month based on accommodation types and locations. Each apartment is fully furnished with a bed, a closet, a desk and chairs, a mirror and a telephone. Rooms are equipped with electrical outlets for radios, televisions and refrigerator. Please note that we cannot be responsible for accommodation reservation.

Visa and Immigration

It is the responsibility of students to make sure that they understand and meet the immigration regulations. Visa application should be done before making arrangements to travel to Thailand.

For coming to Thailand to study for one or two semesters, students will be granted a Non-Immigrant Visa 'ED' by a Royal Thai Embassy in your country.

In general, visa application must be made in person. However, in some countries, Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulate-General may also accept application submitted through representatives, authorized travel agencies or by post.

To apply for this type of visa, students must submit the following documents to the Visa Section at a Royal Thai Embassy:

1. A completed visa application form
2. Passport with validity not less than six months
3. 4 x 6 cm sized photograph of the students, taken within the past six months
4. Evidence of adequate finance
5. Letter of Acceptance from CMMU
6. Official Certification Letter notifying the purpose of travel
7. An application fee approximately USD65 or 50 Euro

There are two categories of visa granted by a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General for entry to the Kingdom of Thailand: three months for a single entry and 1 year for multiple entries. These are priced differently; the longer stay is the more expensive. No matter types of visa, students will be required further extension after 90 days of your arrival in Thailand.

Visa Extension

Students must extend the visa no later than 3 months after your arrival. The visa should be extended at least 15 days in advance. If you ignore the extension, you will pay 500 Baht per day. To extend the visa, you need an official letter for visa extension from CMMU, so please contact the International Relations Office for further arrangements.

What our students say

Laura Urlings

Laura Urlings
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB
"Building relationships with Thai students and the orientation program are great! It was a very positive experience that I think will help me a lot in my future."

Maxime Brice

Maxime Brice
KEDGE Business School
"All facilities are good and teachers are available all the time for any type of question. It's good to feel that we are supported."

Simon Jaeger

Simon Jaeger
University of St. Gallen
"We were welcomed warmly and we felt very comfortable at CMMU. The location and infrastructure are very good."

Antoine Goffinet

Antoine Goffinet
Louvain School of Management, UCL
"I enjoyed the possibility to meet Thai students, discuss with them and discover new approaches in my different subjects."

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